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2009 Lexus LS 460
Mileage: 187560
Location: New Haven
2008 Ford Expedition EL Limited
Mileage: 97500
Location: Taos
2012 Ford ESCAPE XLT
Condition:4 Door Wagon
Mileage: 58817
Location: Waldorf
Mercedes-Benz M-CLASS
Mileage: 141000
Location: Silver Gate
2009 Nissan ALTIMA
Mileage: 165494
Location: Acton
2007 Mazda CX-7
Mileage: 48691
Location: Canyon City
2009 Land Rover LR2
Mileage: 94182
Location: New York
2011 Cadillac CTS SEDAN
Mileage: 50869
Location: Hollywood
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